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Why some Australian properties are selling above reserve price amid pandemic?

Despite the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, young Australians are increasingly ditching the dream of homeownership in 2021, as skyrocketing house prices and wage stagnation sprint the once-conservative dream of a quarter-acre block. According to recent survey data from the Australian Property Institute, Australia’s house prices will continue to rise despite the country’s already dire affordability situation.


In another 500 property valuers and The Search survey, People believe that Aussies every day are assessing the stock market and over-borrowing to get into the market. 


High demand is fuelled by the unification of record-low interest rates and buyers’ ambivalence about investing in other prospects. This, combined with a scarcity of supply, is causing many buyers to be afraid of missing out. As a result, Canberra property is being fastened up significantly above the asking price at the moment of being listed. 


Low-interest rates on house prices and the potential for the housing market results in greater housing wealth inequality


Here what statistics has to say, despite the price hike, 63% of Canberra real estate agents believe that property value will continue to grow and rise at the fastest month – on month rate in 33 years.


The majority of respondents consider that the property market is so hot right now that the Australian property sector is witnessing capacity constraints due to the surpassing number of interested parties.  


However, with the lowest interest rate, Australia is currently witnessing the making of a property bubble as more and more buyers enter the market.


In this envir, low-interest rates on house prices offer higher asset prices because buyers have a way to cheaper mortgages. According to research, households can overreact to lower interest rates, resulting in higher-than-expected house price increases, especially in large capital cities.


Therefore, resulting in two-speed housing markets. 


What more?


This is great news because Canberra real estate agents sell property, especially now that prices are rising in most sectors and selling times are narrowing in most major cities.


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So, all intrigued property investors and buyers who want to enter the market should get their financial ducks, finances, and evaluation research in order as soon as possible so that they can convincingly move on an opportunity with assurance and accuracy.


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