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Why multi-generational home designs are increasingly in demand in Australia?


For millennia, multigenerational living arrangements — in which multiple generations of a family live under one roof — have been prominent worldwide. However, it’s only recently that the lifestyle has gained popularity among Australian families.


According to the latest finding of the UNSW built Environment City Future Research center, 20% of the Australian population lives in multigenerational homes, and the same report states that 1 in 5 lives in multigenerational homes. Further, studies demonstrated that the rise of this new way of living is due to affordability and changing family values.


According to Canberra real estate news, Canberra has seen a steady rise in the demand for multigenerational homes. Many buyers are willing to spend a lot of cash to buy the right property with some extra accommodation for the next generation. 


In recent years more and more Canberra multigenerational homes than it has ever before. Architecture and designers take several factors into account, like space, privacy, and basic amenities, before designing the houses. According to several Canberra real estate agents, about 70% of house designs cater to multigenerational living.


Reason for the growth in popularity in today’s busy world


There are several reasons for the rise of multigenerational living, and some as follows: –


  • Many people have lost their job in this pandemic, and removing the expense of rent is a good decision and helps save money.
  • Living in a multigenerational home helps old age people save them from selling their homes.
  • The daily expenses and bills are split among adult residents, saving some bucks.
  • People can co-purchase a property.
  • It allows families to stay close and connected.
  • Reduces financial burden on all.
  • Help build close connections between grandparents and the younger generation.

Canberra homes features & design for multigenerational families


Nowadays, 70% of home designs are customized to meet this popular way of life by taking up space, privacy, and amenities into account when designing homes.


Highlights of multigenerational homes


  1. There are several sitting areas and living rooms.
  2. There are several master bedrooms.
  3. The ground floor is reserved for the family’s senior members.
  4. More open space, quiet reading or study areas, and multiple bathrooms, powder rooms, and so on.


A multigenerational home makes a great real estate investment


  • Always allow allocation of extra space for the people living there and for future growth.
  • Double-story homes have enough private space for everyone to sit and relax.
  • Excellent solution for coping with unanticipated situations.


As this trend of multigenerational living gains popularity in the country, do not lose sight of what’s important: “building a healthy home is more important than a big house.” 


Words from Canberra real estate market professionals


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