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777 homes

Why invest in real estate Canberra for potential future value due to planned infrastructure improvements

Real estate Canberra – Invest in potential future value?

Economic diversity, infrastructural development and environmental sustainability are the pillars of Canberra. 

As a result, Canberra will be the best place to reside. Amentities here includes (but not restricted to) are:-

  • Good jobs
  • Housing options
  • Public healthcare
  • Schools and universities for all its people
Long-Term View In The New Edition Of The Act Infrastructure Plan

 The Canberra population’s four-year infrastructure pipeline includes new projects worth $885 million. This was released in the ACT Infrastructure Plan 2011-2021. Moreover, the government plans to develop new infrastructure. Meanwhile, it will maintain & update the existing ones to benefit all Canberrans.

Canberra’s growth is planned with its infrastructure designed to maintain and strengthen the livability. Also, the investment prospects are immense here. On the whole, the future of investment in infrastructure at the right time in Canberra will bring in good returns.

Governmental Initiatives

The ACT government is investing in infrastructure at an incredible pace. Moreover, the aim is to creat thousands of jobs intended to support the economy.

The government is funding projects and priorities that affect Canberrans the most. Briefly, this includes investment in:-

  • Health
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Cultural and recreational facilities
  • Community services
  • City planning
  • Land releases
  • City services

777 Homes


Some of the upcoming projects in Canberra

A lot of infrastructral projects are in the pipeline to change the Canberra real estate facet. For instance

  • $877 million in the upcoming five years from 2025-26 for health and well-being.
  • Invest in Cancer Research Center at the Canberra hospital.
  • Moreover, light rail will extend to Woden.
  • There is an investment in footpaths and cycleways. Hence, the estimated infrastructure investment in the same is $1.4billion.
  •  Also, there are residential land releases to meet the commitment of 15% affordable, community and public housing. Accordingly, $935 million will be invested in the upcoming 5 years in housing and community support.
  • Additionally, $950 million funding investment in the CIT and education infrastructure in next five years.

Focus shifting of Canberra government as a part of planned framework

There is shifting of the focus from greenfield development to urban renewal. Truly, this promotes delivering housing mix in Canberra as people have different requirements. Furthermore, Canberra has a more comprehensive planned framework to create suburbs and town centres. As a result, there would be more residential options and investment choices in real estate.

 To sum up, all these upgrades and plans for Canberra are reason enough to invest in real estate Canberra. Consequently, estate investors can reap the benefits of planned infrastructure improvements here.