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How to market your real estate in a smarter way?

Marketing is essential for every business, and real estate in Canberra is no exception.

With the right marketing strategies, you get ample opportunities to attract home sellers (and convert leads into closing deals) and buyers for the real estate business.

If you are also looking for ideas or suggestions to market your real estate well in Australia, we are helping you out to plan your marketing strategy, which are rock-solid tactics.


1) Have a mobile-friendly website interface for your real estate website

As internet usage on mobile devices is the most viable way of browsing new homes Canberra, it is important to have a real estate website that is mobile browsing compatible.

Buying and selling a home is a significant movement, and decision-making involves deep research conduction, which is often done on mobile these days.

Either you can choose to have a mobile website or list your property with the real estate website, which enables you to connect with top-rated realtors and buyers. 


2) Create a strong reputation online

Your reputation is very crucial in the real estate business, and your online reputation also matters.

Make sure to list your Canberra property with the real estate website (like 777homes), which ranks higher on Google search. Or, choose the realtor whose agency and agent’s name have a strong online reputation as it will influence your potential clients and their research on the internet.


3) Make use of 3D photography tool to market real estate

Currently, in Canberra real estate market, real estate photographers use three-dimensional photography of the entire property, which helps buyers fly through in the virtual reality and accurately depict the space available on the property from the remote off location.


4) Utilise video walkthroughs

For a greater immersive impact, utilise video walkthroughs, realistically representing the house. It can be done on a high-quality smartphone or through a drone.

This strategy gives the prospective buyer a greater understanding of the space as the person can truly look into the house.


Use Google Analytics and lead generation tools to market Canberra real estate for sale as you have to be an advanced marketer in this internet savvy real estate market.


List with us

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