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5 Ultimate Tips For First-Time Sellers in Australia

The world of Canberra real estate is enriching for those who know-how; however, but for the first-time seller, it’s a whole different story.


Here are few tips for first-time home sellers to help you successfully sell your home in the Canberra property market without any stress.


  1. Right timing is crucial


It is essential to understand and dig to see the prevailing trend in your local property market. The property market is driven by demand and supply. If you sell or list your property for sale when demand is high and supply is low, you can sell at the price that meets your expectations.  


  1. Property staging and presentation


Do you desire to make your home look as clean and spacious as possible? Staging the property with the right furniture is a great way to showcase its full potential. Most buyers do not wish to invest in a property that may not look furnished.


Factors that determine whether the property is well presented or not are:

  • Right colors/styles
  • Right furniture size
  • Appropriate lighting with better bulbs and lampshades
  • Depersonalising

  1. Choose the right professional for a seamless experience


As mentioned earlier, the world of real estate is challenging, especially for inexperienced sellers. Therefore, one needs to approach the trained and licensed Canberra real estate agent who helped them get the best out of their home sale.


Few things while selecting the suitable agents:

  • Understand the market well
  • Prior experience and track record of excellent results
  • Use a multifaceted marketing approach
  • Excellent communicating skills & very easy to deal with


  1. Online presence drive results


In the internet world, more and more buyers now search online for homes for sale in Canberra.


So, it would help if you capitalized on this opportunity and open doors for potential buyers by uploading details of your house as much as possible, including:

  • Price
  • Address
  • Quality images of interior and exterior
  • Virtual tour of the property
  • Number of beds/ bath/ cars spots and any other critical feature


  1. You and your real estate agent must be willing to negotiate


Remember to be flexible when offers start coming in, whether it’s a slightly longer settlement or a slightly smaller deposit because you need to understand the buyers’ position as well.


The best deal is one that leaves both parties feeling victorious, so don’t overlook any interested parties.


If you are wondering where to list your Canberra property? Visit, a one-place stop where first-time buyers and sellers get the latest Canberra real estate news, listing, buying, selling, and renting opportunities.